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PodSkinz Elevate Series - Protective silicon cover for your Airpod 3 - Lavender

Elevate your AirPods 3 experience with the KeyBudz PodSkinz Elevate Series. Our Lavender protective silicon cover isn't just a shield; it's a statement of sophistication and smart design. Designed for adventurers and city commuters alike, this case ensures your AirPods are safeguarded with style.

  • Shock Resistant
  • Lightweight Design
  • Compatible with AirPods 3
  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • Full 360° Protection

Shock Resistant
This isn't just any cover; the PodSkinz Elevate Series brings your AirPods 3 resilience against life's unexpected jolts. Crafted from high-grade, impact-absorbent elastomer, it's engineered to withstand the rigours of your day-to-day adventures. Protect your sound investment without compromising on ease of use or comfort.

Lightweight Design
Your AirPods are meant to be as mobile as you are. The PodSkinz Elevate case respects that mobility with a design so light you'll barely notice it's there – until you need it. It maximizes protection without adding unnecessary bulk, so you can easily carry your tunes.

Compatible with AirPods 3
Your third-generation AirPods deserve a snug fit and ultimate protection. The PodSkinz Elevate Series is meticulously tailored for AirPods 3, ensuring a seamless match with your device. Integrate protection and performance as this cover perfectly aligns with your AirPods.

Supports Wireless Charging
Who said safety means inconvenience? With the PodSkinz Elevate cover, your AirPods 3 are always ready for a charge. Our silicon cover is designed to be compatible with wireless charging, ensuring your AirPods remain powered up without ever having to remove their protective coat.

Full 360° Protection
Your AirPods 3 will be enveloped in soft-touch silicon, providing a shield in all directions. It doesn't just cover; it caresses your AirPods 3, offering a layer of defence against scratches, drops, and dust. From case to carabiner to lanyard, this protection never skips a beat.

Package includes

  • 1x KeyBudz PodSkinz Elevate Series Cover in Lavender
  • 1x Carabiner
  • 1x Lanyard

Product specifications

  • Material: Soft-touch Silicon
  • Compatibility: AirPods 3
  • Charging Compatibility: Wireless
  • Colour: Lavender


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